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Y400 Y410P Ulgrabay Graphics - NOPE. NEVER. NOT HAPPENING. Be warned!

Lenovo Forum, IBM Thinkpads -
Y400/Y410P Ultrabay Grahics - NO. NO. NO.

Please spread this to as many people in as many forums on as many planets as you can. Returning mine now.

Please wait while we connect with you with a Lenovo Chat Representative.

You have been connected to _Tim F.

Thank you for choosing Lenovo sales chat. I?m Tim, your sales chat representative. My rep id is 2900710097. May I have your name and address please?

Hi , how are you

Pretty good.

Great, and how can I help you

I purchased a Lenovo Y410P laptop from you a while back for its dual graphics capabilities. I've since done some research and there seems to be some confusion about whether an ultrabay graphics solution will ever be released for he Y410P. Can you tell me if and when the ultrabay 750m graphics will be released for the Y400 series?

It will not be. Unfortunately that is only on the 15 in models

Are you sure? It says there will be dual graphics options on the features page and it has been there for over a month now.

Yes, I have recently been told by the product team that it will not support it. Can you send me the link you are referencing

IdeaPad Y410p High-Performance 14" Multimedia Laptop from Lenovo | Lenovo (US)

thanks, let me check it out

I am sorry, this is a mistake that I am reporting right now

I'm positive it has been reported numerous times before as I have been reading posts in message boards about this for over a month since the Y400 had the same issue.

the Y400 could use sli

but the Y410 cannot

The Y400 with the 650m graphics was advertised with SLi. However no ultrabay cards were every release. The Y400 with the 750m graphics was also advertised the same and likewise no ultrabays were ever released. Now the Y410P is also advertised with ultrabay grapics and now you are telling me they will not be released. Do you see my problem here?

the Y400 card was released, it has just been sold through

and yes, I see the problem on the Y410 stating that since it is incorrect

I am very sorry about that, I just sent this link in to the product team

It has been submitted before. There are some very misleading practices Lenovo is participating in. Not only will I be returning my Y410P, but I will be sure to alert as many potential buyers about Lenovo's poor business practices.

I understand, I am very sorry you were misinformed

What do you need to process my return?

I will have to get you over to the post sales team.


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