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Urgent help Win 10, Missing...

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I'm hoping to get some advice.

Bit of background:

Win10 laptop, 1tb partitioned drive (100gb windows, 900gb data - about 500GB used)

Last week i noticed kernel errors that started exactly same time as creators privacy review was downloaded and I got it to "remind me later"

Sunday -

laptop a little quite slow 8-10min switch on to desktop.

After some searching and finding similar errors online I suspected creators privicy review.

Not finding it in notifications and odd errors in event log I decided to do a chkdsk just to see if any errors on disk.

Chkdsk found 1 and after reboot, speed back to normal and update in notifications bar.

Did review and shut down laptop.

Monday evening -

Switch on laptop.

Booted till screen just before win10 login (normally win logo and spinning dots) but just had black with spinning dots.

Left for 1/2 hour.

Started digging online and various reasons but only one stood out so I power cycled the laptop to get to repair.

Safe mode - wouldn't work, black screen.

Revert - nothing to revert to.

Sys restore - no points.

Repair startup - nothing wrong.

Gave up and decided to reinstall windows from usb know my data was on a separated partition.

Changed bios.

Reinstall process, chose windows partition, halfway through process win told me it couldn't proceed because of a damaged boot record.

Got into cmd.

Diskpart - recognized both partitions

Used bootrec to rebuild boot.

All completed fine.

Went to reinstall now only one 950gb partition.


laptop won't recognize drive in bios but will when I go to cmd from usb boot.

Diskpart - no partitions

Wednesday -

Hooked drive up via USB dock to a second machine, won't recognize in disk management.

IT department ran and old piece of dos software to try and get the drive readable (4 bad sectors, all at start of drive) .

Now readable in disk management but comes up as unallocated and I couldn't assign a drive letter.

Tried to run Recuva on it but the drive is not recognized by recurva (for above reasons)

So am trying Testdisk which I started a quick scan at 7pm last night and and 3pm today (Thursday) was at 40%

So question is this a normal speed considering the circumstances?

Is this because of the bad sectors?

I posted the above on the testdisk forum and received this reply:


There are bad sectors, so you should to clone the disk to new empty one using ddrescue.


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