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True capacity and charging...

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TL: DR; I'm trying to figure out exactly how much battery run-time I should get on my W530 with a 9-cell battery AND how long such a battery should take to charge.

I realize these are somewhat subjective, but what I'm finding is that Power Manager wavers between about 4-6 hours when the battery is at 100%. This is with the laptop in "power savings mode" (battery optimization but not battery stretch). This is also with limited or no use of the machine. Basically jut moving the mouse around or typing in Notepad.

If I start to do some basic work (like web browsing) then PM adjusts to the 2-3 hour mark.

It also appears that it takes approximately 6 hours to charge the battery to full (with the laptop on in same state as above).

Do these numbers seem relatively normal? 2-3 hours for web browsing and a 6 hour recharge time?

Background info:

I just bought this used W530. It appears to be in great shape cosmetically and has passed all diagnostic tests I have run. Basic specs:



256 SSD


I purchased a "new" 9 cell battery off of Amazon, not Lenovo branded but supposedly a "70++" 94Wh (which is confirmed by the battery case itself).

This battery is only reporting a "Full Charge Capacity" of 85.92Wh so it is clearly not exactly what was advertised. For the price though an 86Wh battery is still pretty decent. However, I have some concerns about how much power I'm getting and how long a charge takes.

The 6 volt that came with it is only at like 6Wh capacity left and lasts maybe only 15 minutes and yet it too takes like an hour to charge. I've tried to reset the 6 volt but it seems to hang at like .31Wh when draining.

I've seen info all over the board about how long a W530 should last with a 9 cell. Some say 3-4 hours is normal and others say they can get 12 if it is just idling. But even with WiFi off the highest I've seen it read is like 7 hours.

I'm almost more concerned about the charge time. Is it normal to take 6 hours to charge to full?

More info:

- I have ensured that no battery firmware update applies to these batteries.

- I also tested this on Windows 7 with Power Manager advanced battery settings to charge to 100%. Prior to making this change the available battery time was significantly less.

- I have 2 chargers for this laptop and have tested with both.


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