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Suggestion/advice on my first Ryzen 7 1800X build

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Hello people,

well, I am starting to build my first PC and I am going all out. I would like suggestion and advice on few things where I am stuck

parts list

Cpu - Ryzen 7 1800x

MB - MSI X370 Xpower Titanium

RAM - G.skill F4-3200C14Q-32GTZR

GPU - Nvidia GTX 1080TI (need suggestion/advice)

Boot Drive - Intel 600p 1TB nvme m.2 (i know I am going to face lot of heat for this)

secondary HDD - Toshiba X300 6TB

PSU - SeaSonic Snow Silent 1050W (it's OP for my build but I just wanted this one)

Case - Thermaltake core P5 snow edition

Monitor - Dell 24 Monitor S2418HX (temp. borrowing from friend till I decide the right one)

Cooling - I have decided to create my first custom loop and for that, i have decided few parts and need advice on others

CPU and MB - EK-FB MSI X370 XPower RGB Monoblock – Nickel


Radiator - Hardware Labs Black Ice SR2 Multiport Satin White Radiator - 360mm

Pump - D5 (yet to decide. need suggestion/advice)

reservoir - Frozen Q LF REACTION 250MM

Thermal paste - arctic mx4

Fans - Jonsbo FR-131 120mm RGB

Fittings - 12 * Thermaltake New Pacific RGB G1/4 PETG Tube 16mm OD 12mm ID (need suggestion/advice)

Tube - Thermaltake PETG Tube 16mm OD 12mm ID

coolant - yet to decide

from above-listed parts only following are yet to be purchased and seeking advice from you guys: GPU, Reservoir, pump, radiator, coolant

well let me in give you a brief exploitation for this build- I am not trying to set any kind of world records or squeeze every bit of juice from overclocking. I am aiming for a solid stable system and I am going to go full retard on RGB so bare with me.

Questions -

1) my most immediate issue is that I want evga 1080ti FE which is out of stock for some time and so far I have found that evga offers the best warranty for people who like to do custom water cooling. are there any other companies which can be compared to Evga which won't void my warranty for taking apart the GPU?

2) as you can see above I want to select the d5 pump which is good, compatible with other parts of the build and on which I can control the speed( i believe it's the PWM feature)so please lend me some wisdom.

3) how to map the loop which part should come first, which should be on higher point and lower point given my case in perspective. anything I should take in special consideration before planning my loop?

4) fittings that I have chosen are they going to be enough or do I need special fittings different parts connecting the loop? what to look for when I select the parts (like 1/4 inch thread etc.)?

5) A)now for the coolant I want to make a white coolant but not with 100% opacity(like milk) rather I want it to be 25%-35% opaque so that it can transmute light from fittings. since lots of brands combine colour, biocide, anticorrosion in just premix or as the concentrate so how can I control the each element the way I want. can you guys suggest any brand or any other solution to this?

B) I am in love with the mayhem aurora V2 but as reading on lots of forums it's not for daily use so I am just going stay away from it. I also read somewhere at some company like water cool just void the warranty of their product if I use mayhem coolant is it true?

6) Not everyone is going to be in agreement with me for no. led I am going to put in this build but please I'd really like your advice. well there will be 1) 4 RGB fans 2) CPU/MB monoblock with RGB 3)very short RGB strip for GPU block 4) 8-12 RGB fittings 5) 5mm RGB led in pump 6)RGB led in reservoir 7)few led strip in case here and there.

A)where can I find the right led for GPU? it has a unique short slot.

B) is there any way I can control all the RGB with Msi mystic if yes how do I connect all of them to MB?

Thank you very much in advance. please pardon my English grammar and punctuation I am not native English speaker.

-Rac '); }

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