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Starting 4 weeks and still no AM4 bracket (and email response) from Cryorig. Normal? or am I...

Air Cooling -
Has anyone in Canada received their AM4 bracket recently?

My request was approved 3 Weeks ago and I'm on my start of Week 4.

I don't consider myself an impatient person but this whole process is starting to piss me off. Not to mention their lack of communication is the biggest upset point. I'm thinking of returning this cooler because of how they treat their customer. I've had NZXT, Noctua, and even Arctic Cooling process and ship their bracket quicker across the country than be approved for Cryorig's AM4 request.

Here's the timeline of the situation

Nov 5th (Sunday)

-Bought R1 universal from

-Requested AM4 bracket from Cryorig

Nov 6th (Monday)

-R1 shipped from

-AM4 request approved. Will receive another email when the bracket is shipped

Nov 7th (Tuesday)

-R1 arrived and sitting in my room

Nov 13th (Monday)

-Still no shipping email

-Sent an email asking for the status ~10am

-Received an automated email saying my order has shipped with a link to Newegg.COM tracking number with "delivery time of 4 - 11 workdays" (exact quote from email) ~1pm

As far as I know does NOT process international order thus they have and other global sites but ok. I guess I'll wait and see

-Did not receive a human response to my original email whatever

Nov 18th (Monday)

-Tracking still does not work.

-Sent an email asking for the status

Nov 25th (Monday)

-Absolutely 0 response from Cryorig and Newegg tracking still does not work

-No signs of bracket

-Contacted Newegg about the tracking number and they told me they need the order number from Cryorig due to security reasons

-Sent 1 more email asking what's going on

Dec 4th (Monday)

-No response from Cryorig

-Tracking still does not work

-No bracket

-Sent a final email earlier today asking for an update

Now all the emails I've sent were very polite and concise (I've previously worked at retail so I know getting angry at lower tier staff is unfair. They probably have no control of what's going on at the top) so chances of them blocking me is slim.

If they answered my email, even ONE, notifying a delay or a mess up then I would have been fine but zero response does not seem acceptable to me. Not to mention, has been selling the AM4 Bracket for $5 this whole time so the "out of stock" excuse is completely unacceptable.

You may be asking "OMG soureraser you're a dumbass. Why didn't you just buy the bracket on Newegg instead of *****ing" You are completely right. I could have done so but I could have also returned the cooler and got a Noctua D15 which costed the same and has superior customer support; At this point I refuse to buy the bracket just for principle.

Is this the normal procedure for Cryorig customers? Or am I just overreacting

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