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Ryzen CPU & AM4 Mainboard Lineup - What we know so far

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Ryzen CPUs:

General info:







Bundled Cooler




R7 1800X


3,6/4,0 GHz

XFR (+manual)


16 MB




R7 1700X8/163,4/3,8 GHzXFR (+manual)95W16 MBnoneYD170XBCAEWOF730143308342R7 17008/163,0/3,7 GHzmanual only65W16 MBWraith SpireYD1700BBAEBOX730143308328R5 1600X6/123,3/3,7 GHzXFR (+manual)95W16 MBnone R5 15006/123,2/3,5 GHzmanual only65W16 MBWraith Spire* R5 1400X4/83,5/3,9 GHzXFR (+manual)65W8 MBnone R5 13004/83,2/3,5 GHzmanual only65W8 MBWraith Spire* R3 1200X4/43,4/3,8 GHzXFR (+manual)65W8 MBnone R3 11004/43,2/3,5 GHzmanual only65W8 MBWraith Spire* *unconfirmedfor (eXtended Frequency Range), thanks to know that XFR is not available on every Ryzen CPU. This found says "Extended Frequency Range available on select AMD Ryzen Processors".The R7 1700 comes bundled with a Wraith Spire Cooler so it makes sense that it features no XFR as AMD probably optimized the clocks/voltage to the capability of the cooler already + it allows a lower TDP.Pricing:So far 11 different distributors or retailers have shown up with prices for the top three models:/(UK)(US)(UK)(UK)(FR)(UK)(ES)(HU)(NL)(ES)R7 1800X514,90€554,12€*562,50€558,91€536,17€619,12€517,00€603,79€604,72€**599€594,82€R7 1700X398,95€431,41€*438,92€433,67€416,76€479,71€401,85€470,69€470,04€**469€463,00€R7 1700331,42€357,80€*364,77€360,75€345,13€398,49€333,73€385,99€389,23€**399€381,55€*20% Sales Tax on top of US price**27% Hungarian sales tax converted to 20%Price in relative to the R7 1800X (R7 1700):/IngramMicroShopBLTKikatekLambdaTekPC21AN4VisualDGCentralpointMarkitCDRomLandAmazonR7 1800X100% (155%)100% (155%)100% (154%)100% (155%)100% (155%)100% (155%)100% (155%)100% (156%)100% (155%)100% (150%)100% (156%)R7 1700X77% (120%)78% (121%)78% (120%)78% (120%)78% (121%)77% (120%)78% (120%)78% (122%)78% (121%)78% (118%)78% (121%)R7 170064% (100%)65% (100%)65% (100%)65% (100%)64% (100%)64% (100%)65% (100%)64% (100%)64% (100%)67% (100%)64% (100%)The 1700X is 20% and the 1800X 55% more expensive than the 1700.The average price is the following:CPUEU price (20% VAT included)US price (without sales tax)R7 1800X559€$499R7 1700X439€$389R7 1700359€$319R5 1600X289€*$259*R5 1500259€*$229*R5 1400X225€*$199*R5 1300199€*$175*R3 1200X169€*$149*R3 1100145€*$129**based on single price listingThe pricing structure makes it likely that the R7 1800X is a binned "Black Edition".AM4 Mainboards:General info:Only the X370 mainboards may support XFR but this is yet to be confirmed.ATX:ChipsetOCManufacturerModelCrossfire/SLIPCI3 x16/4/1 (PCI2 x16/4/1)USB 3.1/3.0/2.0M2U2SATA 6Gb/sPhasesExtrasX370YesASRockProfessional Gaming3-way/2-way(0x/1x/2x)2x/10x/4x2x0x8x16VRM Cooling, 802.11ac WLAN, Gbit + 1 Gbit EthernetX370YesAsusVI Hero3-way/2-way(1x/0x/0x)1x0x8x12VRM Cooling, 802.11ac WLAN + BT 4.0, Front USB 3.1 + 2x RGB LED HeaderX370YesBiostar3-way/2-way(0x/0x/0x)2x/8x/4x1x1x6x14VRM Cooling, HDMI 2.0, RGB-LEDX370YesGigabyte53-way/2-way2x/0x/3x (1x/0x/0x)1x1x8x (+2x)10VRM Cooling, Dual Boot BIOS, 2x Gbit Ethernet, RGB-LEDX370YesMSIXpower Gaming Titanium3-way/2-way2x/1x/3x (0x/0x/0x)2x/8x/4x2x1x6x10VRM Cooling, Front USB 3.1 HeaderX370YesASRockTaichi3-way/2-way(0x/1x/2x)2x/10x/4x2x0x8x16VRM Cooling, 802.11ac WLANX370YesASRockKiller SLI/ac2-way/2-way2x/0x/3x (0x/0x/0x)2x/10x/4x1x0x4x16VRM Cooling, 802.11ac WLAN, 1x M2 (SATA Mode)X370YesAsusX370-PRO3-way/2-way2x/1x/3x (0x/0x/0x)2x/10x/6x1x0x8x?VRM Cooling, Front USB 3.1 + 1x RGB LED HeaderX370YesBiostar3-way/2-way2x/0x/2x (0x/0x/0x)2x/8x/4x1x0x6x7VRM Cooling, 2x Legacy PCIX370YesGigabyteK53-way/2-way2x/0x/3x (1x/0x/0x)1x0x8x (+2x)7VRM Cooling, Dual Boot BIOSX370YesGigabyteK32-way/No1x/1x/3x (0x/0x/0x)?1x0x8x7Dual Boot BIOSB350YesAsusB350-PLUSNo2x/2x/2x (0x/0x/0x)2x/6x/6x1x0x6x?VRM CoolingB350YesASRockGaming K4No

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