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Rival 300s review

Mice -
Steelseries Rival 300s


This mouse is very close to the rival 300. I wanted to try it since rival 300 is one of my favourite mouse.

A few things have been changed and this is what I will try to describe.

For those who are interested, the mouse is available on (about 50$ with shipping+custom duties when I bought it, with 20% discount for winter sales).

I want to say I've been amazed by how quick the mouse arrived, since it came from Japan to France in only three days.

What hasn't changed from rival 300 :

The shape is exactly the same. It's a large mouse, the back is the most palm-filling back I've found on a mouse. The front is narrower but straight, it doesn't dictate where you put your fingers. The weight is the same too, and it is quite heavy at about 100g. I wish Steelseries would have reduced the weight a liitle bit.

The mousewheel and sidebuttons are essentially the same.

Rgb leds are the same.

What has changed :

- The sensor : 'Upgraded' from 3310 to truemove1 (3325 variant). Is is the same sensor as in the rival 110. I don't see why they would put truemove1 instead of truemove3, would it change the price so much ? I've had rival 310 and I think I can notice the difference between the sensors. Truemove3 feels a bit crispier, more precise. I don't know it could be placebo. I've noticed if I put the mouse on 7200 dpi and lift it just a bit, the cursor wiggles randomly even if I don't move my hand. Lift off distance is a bit on the high side but it's ok for me.

- The side grips : Huge improvement. The biggest. Side grips are now hard plastic, instead of rubber or even silicon on rival 310. It is much easier to clean, with my rival 300 the grip was really hard to clean (it's a bit gross but because of sweat some sort of residu formed between the little dots in the rubber, and i had to clean it with a pointy object). Now the little dots are less pronounced, so a sweap with a wet tissue cleans the mouse easily. It feels nicer too, and I have no problem gripping it. It is more durable too.

- The clicks : They are now omron switches. They are not so much different from rival 300. They feel a bit better, less mushy. They are quite hard to press, but you get used to it. I can play mobas comfortably with this mouse.

- The feet : Original feet on rival 300 are really trash, like not smooth at all. Now the feet are rounded on the edge, so the slide is alright. Not as good as hyperglides though.

Conclusion :

Overall I'm a bit disappointed because it could have been the perfect mouse for me, with truemove3 sensor and a lower weight. But overall I think it is a improvement over rival 300. The sensor isn't worse than the one in rival 300.

If you want I have had/tested these mouse, so you can ask me for comparisons if you want : logitech g500, g303, g403, zowie ec1b, za11, rival 310.

Additional photos : (Click to show)

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