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Random freezing and artifacts

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I was playing Overwatch and suddenly i heard windows error message boop and the game froze, so once i finally got the game screen to shutdown, i noticed the error message was Overwatch own and said something along the lines ''Rendering stopped so game shutdown, you have OC GPU which might cause problems''.

But the thing is, i have VERY mild OC on my GPU around +10 to core and +80 to memory speed and it has been running with these adjustments for around 1 year now without any errors.

The game itself when it decided to crash didnt have any visual errors, basically the error message popped first and then the game froze.

I loaded the game up once again, and this time it froze on the Overwatch queue screen with minor pixel tinting noticeable on the ''Waiting for a match'' box, just couple pixel worth of tinting.

This time the computer completely seized up so i had to hard restart it and when it turned on i decided to watch youtube instead so i opened youtube (chrome) and 10 sec into the video the page froze, sound was still playing and there were some minor pixel tint on the video player screen itself but not anywhere else on the page. After good 10-20sec the video proceeds without any freezing afterwards, and for the rest of the night browsing was same like any other day.

I decided to play Tekken this time and couple matches in, the screen starts skipping frames while the sound still comes normally and then the screen just froze and the sound stopped but luckily i managed to shutdown the game window without restarting the system and when i fired the game back up it froze straight away on the ''loading screen'' before the first Bandai Namco logo even appeared.

Had to restart this time, and when my computer booted up i noticed it wasnt registering my main monitor so i had to browse with my 2nd monitor and i noticed my Nvidia driver ''geforce experience (or whatever its name is)'' was nowhere to be found, so i downloaded drivers and got my main screen working again.

So i ran Heaven Benchmark and FurMark and both went on just fine without any artifacts, errors, etc. Temps were around 70-80C.

I also rolled back my OC, basically UC'd the GPU to test it out and i tried with UC,Normal and OC and all ran just fine without any errors.

But still games freeze with random interwalls, seems like first start goes for around 5-10 mins before freezing but if i boot them up straight away again they freeze in 30sec-2min.

And after hard restarting computer and running youtube i get that random 10 freeze up with blue artifacts or pixels, but very small not whole screen worth of pixelation.

I also noticed when my game froze my 2nd monitor wallpaper was shifting between normal red and tinted red (reddish wallpaper).

I was wondering what could be the cause of this ? Is the GPU faulty? PSU ? RAM ? im open to suggestion, could be software issue since Nvidia uninstalled itself for reason or another.

CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition

Mobo: Some MSI AM3+

RAM: 8Gb 2x4 Gb 2 Different brands

PSU: Seasonic 800W Full modular

SSD: 120Gb

External HDD: 1Tb (game hard drive)

GPU: GTX 780 Gigabyte Windforce OC version

CPU and Mobo are the oldest in this setup as in they have been longest in this computer

GPU and PSU have been for around 1 year (both bought as used)

RAM sticks are installed so that the brands are matching, so, brand 1:1 and 3 slot, and brand 2: 2 and 4 slot

Ask any question u have

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