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problems switching On

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Hi there!

I'm having real trouble getting my laptop to turn on.

I remembered these forums solved a persistent BSOD problem i had a couple years ago, and i'm glad to see there's a laptop support area as well!

The problem started a couple of months ago.

I press the power button to turn on the laptop, the buttons led lights up and the fan activates, all for less than half a second and then everything is off again.

I would pull out the power chord, and try with just the battery, then vice-versa, quite a few times until eventually it would boot.

Sometimes i would do this many times though, with no success.

I had taken out the fan twice (once to clean it and another time to grease it) and both times it switched on immediately after, but the next days: again not booting.

Sometimes i would also disconnect-reconnect the fan-cable, but again, sometimes this worked sometimes not.

Perhaps all the above were just coincidences, i don't know.

At some point i was sure it was a fan problem and ordered a new fan, installed, it booted immediately, but next day: same problem again.

If i try to boot it without a fan connected, it's the same problem with one difference: i don't hear the fan activate for half a sec (obviously since it's disconnected), but i hear a discrete laser/click sound, which may be a hard disk click? or just a "spark" from the button itself?

Sometimes with the fan disconnected it will boot after showing me an error that there is no fan connected and press some key to continue.

Since a few weeks i have found a way to switch it on, which always works: i heat it up with an air-blower!

If i leave it to heat for 10-15 mins it always switches on with the first try.

Also: if it goes to sleep mode and i turn it on again very soon, it will turn on. But if it goes to sleep and i try to turn it on after some hours or the next day, then it has the same problems.

I think it's obvious it's not the fan.

If it was the power supply wouldn't it turn on with just the battery connected? and vice versa?

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Any possibilities it's the hard disk, or the RAM?

Anything else i could try to find out the culprit?

The laptop is this one:

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