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Overclocking W5590

Intel - General -

Can anyone offer any advice as to why I can't get this W5590 to overclock beyond 23x187? I'm aiming for 25x187

Full BIOS attached, these settings are Prime95 stable. I also have a stable 25x160.

Machine will POST at 25x if I increase CPU Voltage way above 1.51875 - but it will not boot into W8.1.

Any suggestions? Many thanks.

Asus Rampage III Extreme BIOS TEMPLATE Version 1502

Target CPU Frequency 4301

Target DRAM Frequency 1874

LN2 Mode: Disabled

QPI Loadline Calibration: Enabled

Sync Mode

AI Overclock Tuner Manual

OC From CPU level Up Auto

CPU Ratio Status Min: 12, Max:26

2D Performance Booster N/A

CPU Ratio Setting 23

CPU Turbo Power Limit Disabled

CPU Configuration

CPU Ratio Setting 23

C1E Support Disabled

Hardware Prefetcher Enabled

Adjacent Cache Line Prefetcher Enabled

MPS and ACPI MADT ordering Modern Ordering

Intel(R) Virtualization Tech Enabled

CPU TM Function Disabled

Execute Disable Bit Enabled

Intel(R) HT Technology Enabled

*Active Processor Cores All

A20M Disabled

Intel(R) SpeedStep(TM) Tech Disabled

Performance/Watt select N/A

Intel(R) C-STATE Tech Disabled

C State package limit setting N/A

C1 Auto Demotion N/A

C3 Auto Demotion N/A

BCLK Frequency 187

PCIE Frequency 100

DRAM Frequency DDR3-1874MHz

UCLK Frequency AUTO

QPI Link Data Rate AUTO

Memory Recheck Enabled

Memory Configuration Protect Enabled

DRAM Timing Control

CAS# Latency (tCL) 9 (Auto)

RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD) 9 (Auto)

RAS# PRE Time (tRP) 9 (Auto)

RAS# ACT Time (tRAS) 24 (Auto)

RAS# to RAS# Delay (tRRD) 7 (Auto)

REF Cycle Time (tRFC) 143 (Auto)

WRITE Recovery Time (tWR) 14 (Auto)

READ to PRE Time (tRTP) 8 (Auto)

FOUR ACT WIN Time (tFAW) 28 (Auto)

Back-To-Back CAS# Delay 0 (Auto)

Timing Mode 1N

Round Trip Latency on CHA 61 (Auto)

Round Trip Latency on CHB 63 (Auto)

Round Trip Latency on CHC 64 (Auto)

WRITE To READ Delay(DD) (tddWrTRd) 6 (Auto)

WRITE To READ Delay(DR) (tdrWrTRd) 6 (Auto)

WRITE To READ Delay(SR) (tsrWrTRd) 19 (Auto)

READ To WRITE Delay(DD) (tddRdTWr) 10 (Auto)

READ To WRITE Delay(DR) (tdrRdTWr) 10 (Auto)

READ To WRITE Delay(SR) (tsrRdTWr) 10 (Auto)

READ To READ Delay(DD) (tddRdTRd) 7 (Auto)

READ To READ Delay(DR) (tdrRdTRd) 6 (Auto)

READ To READ Delay(SR) (tsrRdTRd) 4 (Auto)

WRITE To WRITE Delay(DD) (tddWrTWr) 7 (Auto)

WRITE To WRITE Delay(DR) (tdrWrTWr) 7 (Auto)

WRITE To WRITE Delay(SR) (tsrWrTWr) 4 (Auto)

CPU Differential Amplitude Auto

CPU Clock Skew Auto

IOH Clock Skew Auto

Extreme Engine Digi+

Digi+ PWR Mode X-Power

PWM Volt. Control Auto

Load-Line Calibration Full Callibration

CPU Voltege OCP Enabled

CPU PWM Frequency Auto

Extreme OV Disabled

Extreme OC Auto

CPU Voltage 1.51875

CPU PLL Voltage 1.89475

QPI/DRAM Core Voltage 1.39375

DRAM Bus Voltage 1.65625

DRAM REF Voltages

DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHA Auto

DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA Auto

DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHB Auto

DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB Auto

DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHC Auto

DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHC Auto

IOH Voltage (NB Core) 1.20575

IOH PCIE Voltage 1.51050

ICH Voltage (SB Core) 1.20575

ICH PCIE Voltage 1.51050

*QPI Voltage OCP N/A

*IOH Voltage OCP N/A

*DRAM Voltage OCP N/A

*QPI PWM Frequency N/A

*IOH PWM Frequency N/A

*DRAM PWM Frequency N/A

Spread Spectrum Control

CPU Spread Spectrum Disabled

DRAM Spread Spectrum Disabled '); }

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