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Old Time Capsule Failed - A Couple of Questions About Possible Solutions...

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Hi there.

I have an old Time Capsule (1 TB). I think it was purchased mid 2009 - but am unable to access it to determine this.

I do like the Time Capsule format - and think I would like to keep this in the future.

I also do a complete system back up to a 2nd external hard drive using C.C.C..

The existing problems with the Time Capsule now are:

1. Unable to back up data - it stalls after a few gig

2. Is not able to find my network

3. When I access the Time capsule using an Ethernet connection - I don't get the option to "Get Info" (so

I can not determine what make or model this unit is)

I have been unable to use Disk Utility to do a complete erase because Disk Utility does not always see the Time Capsule - or when it randomly does - will not erase the drive.

I was able to manually trash my back ups on there - including the "sparse file"

I am using Sierra as my O.S.

Here are my questions...

1. Should I purchase a recently discontinued Time Capsule?

2. Should I abandon the Time Capsule format of backing up?

3. Should I just purchase another external hard drive and and use C.C.C.?

4. Should I purchase a drive - attach it to my Airport Extreme and use this system to create a

Time Capsule back-up (I have read that some people have good success with this and other not so much

- depending on the drive purchased)

5. Knowing my problems listed above - would replacing the internal drive fix all of this? This looks like a

fairly inexpensive solution and I feel I could pull this off. Not sure what role the internal drive has in

terms of connectivity through WiFi... as well as my other issues...




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