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Network Reshuffle - Gigabit VPN Backup Server Build

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My last build log was the Bachelor Splurge - New Server Rack Build - Goodbye $$$. Well, a lot has changed in the past 20 months since that build began with regard to my priorities. Free time is at a premium these days and thus I just don't have the time anymore to manage my network on a daily basis, nor do I want to. And now with starting a family becoming a major priority, it's time to downsize and simplify (maybe? ).

The main priority of this project is to downsize the number of nodes I'm running from 4 (2 storage, 2 compute) to 3 (1 storage, 2 compute) and basically move my current local backup server to the other side of the site-to-site VPN (more on this later) I have between my house and my parents'. I will have to upgrade both the pfSense box in my home (Site A) and the pfSense box in my parents' home (Site B).

A few things that have changed since that build are:

- Switched from vSAN to a FreeNAS shared VM storage server. It was fun to play with vSAN but not very practical for home use. FreeNAS has been pretty set it and forget it (though this is still an area of focus)

- Upgraded both my home and my parents home to FIOS Gigabit

- Just finished up a major home renovation including cat6 runs throughout for media streaming, cameras, and WiFi AP's.

The above nodes are acting as follows (bottom to top)

1. Bulk Storage Array #1 - media storage, VM snapshots, surveillance storage, software/personal data

2. ESXi02 - Multitude of VM's including Bulk Storage Array #2 (backups up Array #1)

3. ESXi01 - Main compute host. Runs media servers and other related services.

4. FreeNAS - VM shared storage server.

The build plan going forward is as follows:

- Eliminate FreeNAS server and move flash storage back into ESXi boxes for local datastores

- Migrate ESXi02 into the chassis running FreeNAS in order to completely eliminate the current physical chassis running ESXi02.

- Move all bulk drives running in ESXi02 and migrate them into a new offsite storage server.

- Build new offsite storage server in U-NAS NSC-810a with aforementioned drives from Bulk Array #2

- Upgrade pfSense Site A (thinking i3-6100 build) to handle Gigabit VPN

- Move hardware in pfSense Site A (c2758) to pfSense Site B.

- Upgrade drives in Bulk Array #1 from Seagate 8TB SMR's to WD Gold 10TB drives.

There will be lots of new hardware coming in (some is here, some is on the way) and lots of existing hardware coming out. Stay tuned for more specifics and pics of each build coming soon . '); }

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