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Any music fans interested in starting an LRC lyrics file music project?

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Ok so I've just seriously updated the hell out of my music collection over the last couple months.

I've updated metadata including embedded album so that everything is 100% consistent.

Size of album art, naming and folder structure, tagging... basically everything.

I've acquired (or made my own) all artwork including folder, fanart, clearart, cdart, extrafanart and have everything stored locally.

I've started uploading to with much more to go.

The goal of all of this is to have everything looking the way I want it to in XBMC using Aeon MQ5 with all data stored locally.

The last step is for the lyrics. This is where it kind of sucks. Although XBMC will scrape lyrics for pretty much every song I play most of them are just lyrics.

Not the LRC files with the time codes. I think it really adds a lot to have the lyrics scrolling on time with the music instead of having to do it manually.

Even with many of the LRC files that it downloads you still have crap inconsistent timing, incorrect lyrics, spelling or grammar errors etc. Many of them had Chinese subtitles accompanying the lyrics.

Some of them are done properly but most are not.... especially if you have that OCD anal retentive everything has to be perfect personality... which I think many of us here share:D

However creating LRC files for any large music collection will be a HUGE task for a single person.

And this is the point of this post.... to see if there is any interest in gathering our forces and making this a group project.

Done by people who care about the end result and not just some 13 year old pulling some lyrics off a site and throwing inaccurate timecodes on it.

Some guidelines I would like to see

*100% correct lyrics of course will be the biggest concern. Many of the lyrics sites out there are just not totally correct. Even if you copy word for word from the CD book you still need to follow along with the song to be sure as they do not always match up exactly.

*Correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation etc.

*Proper time codes with each new line highlighting approx 1/2-1/4 second before it is sung...some of the songs I watched the lyrics on were 2+seconds off in either direction. A few were off by much more.

*Many of the lyrics have the complete lyrics down to the oooohhhs and ahhhs or whatever other sound the singer may be making... I like that idea.

*If you are going to do any particular songs then do the entire CD.

*Naming of the files will be artist - title.lrc

Now I know that everyone has different music tastes so hopefully between all of us (if there is any interest that is) we have enough cross interest that everyone participating is helping others out with whatever they contribute.

There is software out there for this but I am just starting to play around with it so I cannot comment much on it at this time... anyone have any experience here? Suggestions?

The files are simply text files with the LRC extension so they are incredibly small so online storage of the project will not be an issue.

Like I said this wont be a quick task... If you are working on a cd you may find some of the LRC files already done to satisfaction but If you have to do an entire cd then you are looking at probably 60-90 minutes each minimum. After you acquire the lyrics you will have to listen to each song all the way through hitting a key to mark the timecodes as well as checking for accuracy and spell checking.

We will have to get lists of music that we are going to do and what everyone is willing to do... obviously people will only be able to do music they have and will be more inclined to work on their favorite bands. One thing we don't want is two people wasting time on the same CD.

Anyway before I go any further I'll see if there is any interest first and then proceed from there.

In the meantime let me know if you are interested and if you have any other comments or suggestions on how to proceed.

I'm going to post this on the XBMC forum as well. I am 'huttdes' over there. .AVSForum-Threads-First-Post-500x50 { width: 500px; height: 50px; } '); } else { document.write(' '); }

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