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MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon, a fanciful RGB motherboard with AMD R7 2700X!

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I recalled my first Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard was the MSI X99 Gaming Pro Carbon. Back then it was filled with RGB all over the board, a very fanciful motherboard back then.

During the Z170 era, MSI Gaming Pro series are always balancing between value and some slight features shaved off from the higher tier Gaming m7 series. Which is always my “best” value board that comes with some “high end” features from their m7 series. Fast forward April 2017, MSI extended their Gaming Pro series to AMD AM4 socket. Which back then it was one of the “best value high end” motherboard for AMD AM4 socket.

Today we will be looking at the new MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon. Take note, I did not include the word AC in it. Cause the local stores are actually selling the non AC version instead.

Now lets dive in to the unboxing!


[Unboxing Video Coming Soon]


As usual starting from the top left corner of the board. This board requires 2x CPU EPS 8pin.

Yes for those wondering if your 650w PSU does not have the 2nd 8pin will it still work? Answer is yes it will still work.

There is 1 CPU Fan header near the top VRM heatsink.

Corsair MSI MSI Corsair?

Yes you didn’t see it wrongly, “Jcorsair1”. What is it for? Well it is a Corsair connector “DUH”. It is interesting to see MSI working with Corsair to produce this connector. This connector is actually for addressable lighting PRO RGB LED strip and the Corsair Fan Hub. This is the first time I seen a board that goes for a specific branding for lightings. So Corsair Fans rejoice! You can now connect your fan hubs and RGB LEDs to the board directly and control via software.

Just below the Jcorsair connector, there is two 4pin PWM fan headers, labelled as "SYS_Fan3" and "Pump_Fan1".

NOTE: There is a maximum connection for each components using the JCORSAIR connector.

1. Lighting PRO RGB strip, 7

2. HD RGB Fan, 6

3. SP RGB Fan, 6

4. LL RGB Fan, 5

EZ Debug LED

A 24pin power connector and a traditional EZ Debug LED. Yes sadly this board does not have any debugging 7 segment display for codes. So owners have to rely heavily on this EZ Debug LED to know what are the issues for not booting up.

A USB 3.0 front panel header with another 4pin PWM fan header labelled “SYS_Fan4”

Ample SATA ports

This board comes with a 8 SATA ports. There are six right angled SATA ports and two straight SATA ports.

Just below the six SATA ports you will find the front connector panels. And of cause its 2018, there is a 5v addressable LED labelled as “Jrainbow1”. This allow you to use a 5v WS2812B RGB strip.

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