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MSI 1070 MXM into P370EM, an...

Alienware Desktop Forum -
So while I still wait on my p870dm mobo saga to resolve I found used MSI 1070 on ebay for a price I couldn't refuse.

So instead of them just laying there thought I may as well see if it works in the P370EM

(will update with pics later)

Case mod to fit was not hard. The internal frame had to be modded in three places to fit the slightly bigger MSI card. Inserting the card requires removing the cpu fan and bending the frame slightly to fit the card on the angle required to insert into the mxm slot, so you could mod that 4th area too but I can get away with it for now.

The panel in it is LVDS so I know I won't get internal panel display.

And the old 2 part EM gpu heatsink is the weakest of all the options for the P37x chassis so I'm expecting heavy underclocks will be required.

So this is a proof of concept exercise. The main annoyance is that without an internal display, my options for now are:

HDMI out, I actually don't have anything hdmi capable in the house other than TVs in other rooms which is inconvenient (the less the mrs knows how much $ and time I'm spending the better lol)

DP out doesn't work without driver...

I'm trying to INF mod a driver install completely blind other than through remote connection via Teamviewer.

But the good news is:

No beeping

Booted through to Windows first time

Device ID is visible in device manager (ven_10DE & dev_1BA1 & subsys 03711558)

Hwinfo gives a temp readout (37-38C idle) with the fan on a constant low speed

Current hurdle:

Driver install fails. Nvidia setup just gives faileds/errors, very unhelpful no explanation why.

'Have Disk'ing through device manager gives a' failed due to hash/checksum missing from package' error

So the next fun thing to try:

Disabling driver signature thingy through legacy startup menu while not having a display.


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