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moving to unraid from windows 10 need some help

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My thoughts are all over the place trying to figure out what to do. I've wanted to move to unraid for awhile but have 98TB of data and transferring it over seemed daunting. I just lost a brand new 8TB red that was full. and with no backups or parity I'm hating myself right now. This is just after losing two 3TB seagates in December.

Current Hardware

CPU - 1 x Xeon E5-2630 v3

Mobo - Z10PA-D8(ASMB8-IKVM) Dual LGA2011-v3

Ram - 2133MHz DDR4 ECC

Controller - LSI00244 (9201-16i)

HDDs - 3x 4TB, 13 x 6TB, 1x 8TB and 1x 2TB ill be replacing


Expander - RAID Expander Card (RES2SV240)

2x 8TB reds for parity

2x 8TB reds for transferring data to new unraid setup.

Current Uses

Windows 10

Flexraid (no parity every time I get a drive I just add it as data)

Emby - Up to 5 transcodes (not always 1080p). Also direct streaming to 4 Kodi htpcs






teamviewer (to take care of things when I'm away from home which is quite often)

minecraft server (run occasionally)

ark server (run occasionally)

Moving to unraid so I can use VMs where needed and seaperate all my stuff. Right now if something goes wrong with one thing I have to shutdown and restart everything. Disrupting the htpcs in my home. The problem is I don't know much about unraid. I don't know how VMs work to good. By breaking it up do I lose most of my power say to unrar large files. or other heavy cpu intensive programs. Heres my current Ideas.

1. Build weaker server for unraid just to use as a nas. Leave my current server alone.

2. Add more ram and second cpu to current server. Breakup current server unraid/windows 10 VM

3. Or what I prefer is if my current hardware is enough,but will be more work figuring everything out.

Setup unraid

Docker what I can (emby, Utorrent, Qbit, Sickrage, Headphones)

VM for nextpvr (or something better, nextpvr was best for windows 10, emby and kodi to all work together)

VM for windows 10 and game server

My real question is with someone more knowledgeable. With my current hardware how would you set everything up to get the most out of my current usage? '); }

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