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IFI iDSD Nano Dac Thru Wadia 151

Computer Audio -
Hi All,

Please excuse me for any errors but I am just making my way hope you’ll like the info.

The Wadia 151 puts out only 96/24 thru USB and I wanted to try my high res files so I connected my IFI idsd dac from digital out to coaxial 1 in the Wadia 151.The Source was my laptop using Jriver 19 and started with


Tracks played were

1)Turn your back on love

2)Wasted on the way

3)Southern Cross

4)Into the darkness

Well the reproduction thru the Focal 806V was superb with a cleaness that I have not experienced before separation was also great mids and lows were very much there as though I was discovering something new.

Next went on to


Tracks played were



3)Give it to me

The Vocals were out of this world the feeling in her voice hits you in the insides and makes you want to hear more.I forgot to mention I like my music a bit on the loud side so I had to take the Wadia to one noch more than half the volume.

Next was

Pink Floyd (44.1/16 bit)

Tracks Played were

1)Hey You

2)Is there anyboby out there

3)Nobody home

Well it was real good the Focals are great and will want a little high powered amp later on to take them further.

The last was

The Electric Joe Satriani An Anthology by Joe Satriani. 44.1/16 bit

Tracks Played were

1Surfing with the alien

2) Crush of love

As those of you who have heard him it is an experience his guitar work is really wonderful and was put thru the Wadia and the Focal’s with aplomb.

What was a disappointment was that I could not play my DSD and double DSD files I could convert it in jriver to PCM and play it but it looses its charm.

Still waiting for my stands.

Thanks for Reading.Cheers

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