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iFi Audio skunkworks....micro iDSD. Crowd-Design - by you, for you

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Posting on behalf of staff and directors of team iFi.

Micro iDSD: Urban Ultra-Fidelity

The next iFi advanced skunkworks product is the micro iDSD. It is the bigger brother of the nano iDSD, a top-selling portable DAC in Japan and with a loyal Head-Fi following around the globe.

The micro iDSD is expected to be on sale early June.

This time, the launch of the micro iDSD will be somewhat different.

At the design stage, we would like to involve you, the customer.

YOU specify the features of the micro iDSD.

We are all ears (no pun intended)

Thanks to you, the customer, we now have a super accomplished range that spans 10 products and continues to grow. Along the way, your suggestions have really had an impact - such as the 2013 update of the Head-Fi #1 micro iCAN with gain selection.

You have asked to be involved in the next major iFi project. Well, we hear you and we are very happy to respond.

Whether you are an iFi customer or not, we would like to invite you all to the iFi design group.

Micro iDSD, customer-driven

Our proposal is simple. You tell us what you would like to see in the micro iDSD.

The customer design input process available via ANY of the following channels:

1) The thread onHead-Fi (will be the focal point).

2) PM us via Head-Fi

3) Message us on our official Facebook page: **MAIL**

Over the course of the next few months, we shall collect all the data. There will be a constant flow of updates - Facebook, Twitter, Head-Fi. Along the way, we will happily answer any questions you may have.

The pre-production version will be showcased at the upcoming Munich High-End Show on 15-18 May.

Is there a catch? No, you do NOT pay/pre-order anything. We would just like you to get involved!

Just like our parent company AMR, we have always taken the long-term position and that means building the best customer goodwill possible rather than raising a few dollars in the short-term.

Mega ?micro? thanks

We just don't like the idea of receiving your input without giving something back.

So for the top-10 contributors whose features are adopted, you will each receive the all-new micro iDSD.

Above all, we value your design input as this is most precious to us.

In advance, we would like to say big ?thank you? to you all and looking forward to your design inputs.

From the staff and directors of team iFi.

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