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Custom PETG cooling pump issue. Secondary problem tubes melting.

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Hi, this is my first post on forums of my problem. Its about time i get some advice.

I made my first custom rig less than a year ago. After attempting to fit my own cooling loop, i had a computer shop do it for me with a costly labour price.

In total the complete part list cost me approximately 9500$ - hence my frustration i have problem after problem.

In short, i have two pumps running two loops, each with its own reserviour and radiator.

One cooling the SLI 1070 graphics cards, and one cooling the CPU.

The first problem is:

The loop cooling the CPU should run at >4000rpm. If the PC is left for more than a few hours (overnight) the pump idles at around 580rpm - UNTIL i tap it with something solid. This then dislodges bubbles (that I've come to the conclusion) and the pump kicks in to >4000rpm for the rest of the duration until turned off. this is becoming incredibly annoying as i cannot put the case glass on, and have to constantly worry if the pump is pumping or not. I've come to three conclusions -

One, the pump is somehow accumulating bubbles every time and i don't know how to filter that air out.

Two, the pump is faulty - but doesn't make total sense since it works after a slight few taps.

Three, the long ascending tube coming from the OUTput is too high/gravity for the pump to kick into gear upon startup (see photo)

This is current and primary problem at the moment.

Secondary to this is i have had multiple (3-4) leaks from the EK fittings both from the graphics card loops and CPU loops (primarily CPU). each time i have had to replace the tubing connecting to those fittings. The common problem i noticed, is that the ends of the tubes where the compression fittings were attached were excessively warped/melted and tapered in from the compression force. This raises concern as i cannot reach the fittings at the back without disassembling the lot, plus i am over constantly fixing this rig over and over with the same issues. any ideas why this could be - is it normal, and what i should do?

I am seriously considering in the next leak or two, taking all the ek hardware off and replacing with AIO pumps for CPU and the original fans/cases of the graphics card - thus losing $2500, and it looking moderately crap by doing so - so it is a least preferred option.

so please help team.

Standard specs:

2x MSI 1070 gaming x SLI

64gb RAM corsair Dominator


MSI Godlike Mobo

2x DDC 3.25 TP pumps

Ek fittings

PETG harline tubing with custom bends

2x Bitspower reserviours 200mm

Attached 3 photos. the red LED one i used a different bend when i couldn't be bother bending a new piece to replace. in the photos, the pump on the RIGHT is the one that is failing. The other (LEFT) has been flawless.

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