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ASUS F1A75-V PRO problem

Motherboards Forum -
I am afraid my Motherboard is dying or diseased ????.

The symptoms were

1. At first, it took a long long time to hear the first 'beep' from the


2. After that the system boots as normal

3. A restart gives no problem

4. But later on, once I got it shut it down, no problem it goes off

o But never possible to switch it on.

o Thought of some problem with UPS etc etc

o Therefore switched off the UPS, (which in fact was a high quality 'line

interactive UPS')

o while 'switching off' of the UPS I observed that the fans on board 'turn' on

for a moment, and then only goes off

o Next time I power on the system it gets powered on, the system boots

normally, but with the greatest delay of about 2 minutes before the 'beep' is


? This was narrated to many a technicians who were around

? Many of them suggested, Sir, you have a failing PSU (which in fact was

a 500 W, VIP brand, giving steady voltage)

Still to my satisfaction, and since I was planning to convert this system to a

gaming PC, I bought a new PSU - 'Corsair 650TX'

This has given me no positive result. The delay in booting still remains( I

mean the delay to hear the first 'beep' from the Motherboard)

5. Latest version of BIOS is installed

6. All latest versions of Motherboard related software from ASUS are

downloaded and installed

7. Memory modules were tried by removing one after the other or

trans positioning them, and even trying with

another RAM module. But of no use

Please advise

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