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Amplified Headphone output + Desktop amp

Computer Audio -

I am new to this community and i apologize in advance for 2 things : I might be asking a question that has been asked before and english is not my native language :)


I have a question about computer audio regarding the connection of an amp to my soundcard.


I purchased an eClaro soundcard from HT Omega about 2 years ago.

I am VERY satisfied with the product so far and I’ve been using it mostly with a Turtle Beach PX21 Headset along with the EarForce DSS surround decoder via the optical connection.


Recently I decided to take make the move towards Hi-Fi stereo and Dolby Headphones so i got myself a pair of 600 ohm Open headphones (Beyers DT990) since they were on sale in Canada (

I also bought an amplifier (Objective 2 amp from JDS LABS) since I read online that 600 ohm headphones require amplification.


Later on I found out that the eClaro analog output is supposed to drive 600 ohm.


I was wondering if there is any risk of damaging the eClaro or my Headphones if I plug the O2 amplifier in the analog output so i contacted HT Omega and this is their answer :


As you well know, there is a headphone exclusive output and also multi-channel I/O cable output for front.


1. Exclusive headphone output. It provides amplified signal.  Therefore, you can connect your DT990 headphone directly. For using this connector, please DO NOT connect Objective 2 amp.


2. Front Output using.

You can use Front output (Green cable) of  multi-channel I/O cable (Its a wierd D_sub cable splitter) For this case, you can DT990 headphone thru Objective 2 amp. Please connect front output to Objective 2 amp for amplifying signal.

Both outputs are effected by front opamp.


It seems i either purchased the O2 amp for nothing or i could still use it with the wierd D_sub cable. Is there a real risk if i amplify the already amplified headphone jack ?


Is there a sound quality drop if i use the D_sub connector ?


Here are the stats for the card as reference :

C-Media Oxygen HD CMI8788 Audio Processor: main engine of CLARO

1pcs 24-bit/192kHz AK4396VF :

(120dB-part spec.) DAC for front channel output. and 1 pcs 24-bit/192khz CS4362 DAC for 6ch playback)

Headphone Output - High fidelity stereo headphone driver by buffer circuit. And it also applies to Front Panel Audio output, delivering crisp, clean music to the listener. Experience hi-fi stereo without the need for an external amplifier.


Again, sorry for the wall of text and i hope you guys can help me out.


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