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AMD FX 8350 weird temps... Any toughts good people?

First of all , greetings to all of you guys, i just joined.

Its nice to be here in big community and to learn things from you.

I have AMD FX 8350 and Cooler master Hyper 103 air cooler.

Now, my 1st mobo was gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 and when played Mafia 3 i had about 64 temp max, but on idle and normal uses its under 60...

That was not great , and i also wanted to overclock CPU and i bought a new motherboard...

I bought Gigabyte 990x gaming sli and i tought it will give me less cpu temps and space for overclock,

BUT :|...

Instead i got even more CPU temp ...

On Mafia 3 i got 75 temp, when i was rendering in Premier Pro i got like 69 temp and on idle im having big temps like up to 45.

Also when i played some videos from my HDD 3 days ago it was freezing and I couldn't move mouse cursor...

Highttemp1 187k .PNG file

That new mobo was bought new.. but did i got bad , broken mobo?

I already gave it back once to that little shop and he claimed its all ok with it when tested it ( he was probably lying), but now i cannot give it back anymore.

Now again I swiched to 78LMT mobo and its better , lower temps in games etc... but i cannot overclock it cuz of 4+1 power phase and also air cooler (which i intend to buy water cooler)

*** So can someone explain me why i get more high temps on more expensive mobo which i even intended to overclock... and if someone can share some fix...?

-I checked , it is on stock clock i also reseted mobo once just to be sure..

- I can buy some water cooling but will it help so I can overclock it or will I also have high temps..?

-Is it problem in CPU or mobo itself.. and can i fix it somehow?

-Do i just need new cooler, but then why more phases cause more temp when supposed to be better...

And which water cooler you can suggest me?

Thanks to anyone who answer me and try to help me!!!

My specs are:

-FX 8350

-PSU Chieftec GPS-700A8

-GPU R9 380 4gb

-Air cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 103

-Motherboard: Gigabyte 990x gaming sli (problem one)

: Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 (weird but better temps)

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