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i7 4700MQ - 3DMarks11 low physics/combined score

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Hey all

I just got a new Alienware 17 with a 4700MQ, 16GB of RAM, 80GB msata SSD used to cache a 1TB hard-drive and a 880M GTX.

I installed 3DMarks Vantage and 3DMarks11. 3DMarks Vantage gives me top marks for both GPU and CPU and in the graph I can see I am in the very top of similiar systems comparisons.

In 3DMarks11 it's a completely different story... GPU tests work flawlessly and I get a score of ~8900 if I remember correctly.

However the physics test are a disaster... I get a score of 2500 on both physics and combined test with a max fps of 7.5 in the physics test (in the graph, similar systems get upwards of 30fps).

Here are some additional details that I hope will allow the "gurus" here to assist me with this problem.

- 3DMarks11 detailed results when comparing with other systems who had normal physics results, show a single difference: Maximum Turbo Clock Speed as 800Mhz on my system (which I believe is the idle state of the CPU), while it is 3400Mhz for the other systems.

- Bios: Speedstep is disabled. Turbo mode is enabled. I also started by pressing F9 to load default/optimal settings, prior to disabling speedstep.

- CPUZ show the core speed as 798Mhz and Bus speed of 98.1Mhz (798 / 8)

- RealTemp show a max temp under load (during the physics test for example) of 50 degrees which I believe is well below critical temps. Just for additional info, the GPU temp are fine as well, giving me a max of 65 degrees under load.

- Power options are set to high performance.

- Power supply is 240 watts.

- General performance of my laptop is great, boot speed is fast, I tried playing one game so far, Tomb Raider on Ultimate settings and got some great results. The benchmark test of that game show similar results to the ones I read in reviews of the 880m.

I know I should get a score upwards of 8000 as in the graph in 3dMarks11 I can see my system as one of 2. AT THE BOTTOM of the rankings.... 99% of similar systems score above 8000....

I searched everywhere without any success...

Can someone please help me with this mystery?


P.S: Just found this on Guru3D:

"hmm it appears setting the ram to proper 1600mhz improved the physics score slightly. Thanks.

But it's still around 6600ish.

UPDATE: It looks like my rams were running single channel mode. Changed it so it runs at dual channel mode and now with 4.4ghz I get physics score of 8237. So..can we call it problem solved?"

I am at work so will try this tonight. Can someone just let me know if this could be my problem? And how can I check if my Ram is at 1600Mhz and working in dual channel mode? I don't remember seeing this in the Bios...

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