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Hello,I had to reinstall Windows and I decided to try a new compilation that is known not to work with M18xR1 audio drivers. After some time spend on trying different ways o...
Most of you know you shouldn't do this, at least not the wrong way, washing it while it's on and running could electrocute you, not to mention damage/destroy the electronics. ...

4 days ago

Hey guys,Some years back I remember we had a couple reps on the forums that were able to assist with new orders / getting discounts etc. Is this still a thing? Have been sea...
Steren 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub But I?m finding that when I fill all 4 ports only 2 or 3 drives are recognized. When plugged into the blu ray. But on the back of the LGsmartTV, all...

6 days ago

Got a blue tab battery in mine. Seller offered to supply a brand new genuine one and it's been running off AC for about 2 hrs now and only down to 70 pct. Running via wi-fi thou...

7 days ago

I love this machine, but both underneath and on the sides are not touchable during gaming. I want the fans to come on very soon and max out at 70 degrees. But I cant use aft...
Has anyone modded a Gigabyte GTX 1050 ti Low Profile for better cooling as it only has 1 fan or just give it a better airflow in the case?

9 days ago

EU] Clevo GTX 970M (Woodzstack's), almost like new, never overclocked, barely used.Price: €380 EUR shippedCondition: UsedWarranty: Yes, expires: June 2018Reason ...

10 days ago

Ok so I had the cable company come replace the modem that wasn't working. They did that with the exact same model that I had before. Internet works fine on my phone and tablet.....

11 days ago

I've been searching, but the ones I've found have problems. I want one that- 1. Let's me combine several jpegs into one pdf 2. Easily let's change the order of the jpegs ...

12 days ago

I have a Actiontech dsl modem with a fiber optic connection. I have a Dlink DIR 850L for my cameras and Dlink DIR 842 as a wifi extender upstairs. The 842 is hardwired to the 85...
Hi, Slightly pointless question here that is just puzzling me. How many companies actually make RAM? I ask, as there are of course the "big players" that make and mar...

15 days ago

Currently have a Lenovo Legion Gaming laptop for home but am considering looking for a thin and light laptop "13-14" inch specifically for work and but be able to play light mai...

16 days ago

Does such a thing exist, and if they do, are you aware of a decent one? Im looking to upgrade but everything I see in this category appears to be over £300.

17 days ago

Problem with my Toyota Corolla, 1997, 1.6L, ...4 DR, 4Cyl for the exhaust Leak,....... ...
Researcher Bypasses Windows Controlled Folder Access Anti-Ransomware Protection February ...

18 days ago

As per the title I have recently came into possession of a 1055t which I plan to overclock. The system will be used as my secondary video/photo editor with some light gamin...

19 days ago

I have tried to unlock my bios using these 2 apps unfortunately when i go to flash i get an error unable to start a secure flash. Ive tried everything from an old afu or even do...

22 days ago

Recently my 5160 touchpad is real sensitive. For example, on yahoo, I barely go over email, or inbox etc and it highlights everything. So, is there a sensitivity setting hidden ...
I am looking at a good laptop, and love Sagers. But, where is the fan location, is it on the side, or on the bottom of the laptop?  
EBay is dumping PayPal for a Dutch rival EBay and PayPal's divorce just got messier.EBay (EBAY ), one of the world's biggest online marketplaces, announced Wedne...

25 days ago

I have 100/50 Mbps service from my ISP. My router allows me to set bandwidth limits on clients connecting to the WLAN. What are some guidelines on the limits to set on individua...

28 days ago

Hi Guys, I recently bought a Samsung CFG70 Series 24" 144Hz FG Gaming Series Curved Gaming Monitor which has a freesync range from 70hz-144hz. I read that you can change th...

29 days ago

Burger King | Whopper NeutralityWatch: Burger King explains net neutrality with a $26 WhopperWritten by Loyd Brumfield, 01.25.18
So around $ need to be able to take a 2.5" drive (have a 1TB SSD to put in), a 256 m.2 is a plus, and screen must be 1600x900 or better (i.e. no 1368xcrap). Lightweigh...
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