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2 days ago

Hi friends I need a working bios of HP MINI 210-1099TU board idANM6AMB6F0 REV:F NM6.the problem with this is no display and stuck at 0.44amp
Sony vaio PCG-71211v m961_mp_mb 8layer mbx-224 rev 1.1 uma NEED Dis To Uma need the schematic for a Sony vaio PCG-71211v UMA rev 1.1 THANKS
I need help on this dell mini it has 7beeps error which has to be Virtual mode exception error.anyone can help on this please
Hello all, I have a dedicated email address I have a LOT of emails going to, around 200-300 a day which can be upto 2mb but usually I am currently using out...
Hi guys. Do you all think this customised set-up is worth the price?I just need a notebook to do my assignments, clear email and lots of YouTube/Twitch but I don't want just...
Hi, I have a Dell XPS L501x and I have this problem that when I run a video for more than one hour or I play any game, it shuts down randomly. I have replaced the thermal p...
I finally finished set up for GTX1070 to M17X R4 3D(120hz)still doing some stress testing and actual gaming testing. I think current setting's temperature and clocks are sta...
Is it possible to program IT8586E by RT809F? Did anyone do it? I know KB9012 is possible. Just want to know about IT8586E.
Purchased a 7285 supposedly with WWAN but though there is a SIM slot in the tablet the bios states there is no SIM hardware. Asked elsewhere and was told this is normal and requ...

3 days ago

Hi, I have problem with installation Windows 7. I haven't option for change from UEFI to Legacy mode,
Hi All, I'm having an issue with my Lenovo Desktop. It frequently restarts on its own for no apparent reason. Here are the details of the crash from the event log. I hav...
I’m looking to purchase an Ultrabook with the following requirements: - i7 coffee lake processor - min. 8GB of RAM - 13-14” screen- preferred to have dedicated GPU, if b...
Hello, my problem it possible short circuit in the region GPU. I have a diagram but i do not have board view. This short circuit occurs at everyone RAM GPU, i suspect there...
Hi, i need a bios dump from a working laptop model toshiba satellite s50-b-15f MAIN DABLIDMB8E0 REV E THANK ALL::::::::
Hey everyone! TL;DR: PPBUS_G3H is reading 12.6V when it should be reading 18.5V, I don't really know how to test it. I've attached the schematics with some notes on p...
Hey all members,I'm planning to buy laptop and need some help as I'm confused between two.1. ASUS VivoBook F510UA FHD Laptop, Intel Core i5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD2. D...
Looking to buy a lapop for my sister.1) What is your budget? 50k ideal (55k max)2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer?- Thin and Light; 13.3"...
is ther anyone have schematic for Neo M54SR motherboard is 6-71-m5s40-d03 gp.. please. and bios dump also.. thank you
Dell e6400 no audio after connecting external speaker, I have reload os and installed all necessary driver buy no luck need assistance pls
i need bios for ThinkPad E460 Mother board : BE460 NM-A551 Rev : 1.0
Hi guys, As the title above, what are some of the models available currently that are recommended and where can I buy it. Thanks!
Hi everyone! i just recently bought an mx17 elite aftershock laptop but just realise i could not find any laptop sleeve for it. only looking at sleeve but not those with handles...

4 days ago

I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 11 20428 laptop with a Motherboard with the following markings AIUU3 NM-A341 Rev 1.0 Vendor Palwonn. Im trying to for the sake of educating myself trouble...
i have toshiba c660 pwwha la-7201p rev:1.0 2011-02-21 core i 5 with nevida chip have problem he is power on but no display and with dc power supply seems it work it have...
anyway to remove a message related to previous owner when you turn on the laptop it shows the hp logo and on the top of the screen the company name of the previous owner , i bou...
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