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Did Saitek my rudder pedals die?

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I've been flying pretty much every night, lately, clocking up 18 hours, so far. My activity is mostly limited to helicopters, where rudder pedals are pretty much essential. (Arguably in fixed-wing aircraft, too, but a twist-grip stick is perhaps more feasible there than in helicopters.) Anyway, last night I hopped in, started up Dreamfoil's Bell 407, tapped left-pedal, and found the bird spinning right. It wouldn't stop. I looked down at the in-game pedals and the right pedal was stuck fully depressed even without input.


I've had problems with these pedals before, though nothing like this. Usually, Windows just doesn't seem to realize they're there. I unplug and replug the cable and all will be fine. The same was not the case here. Rebooting Windows did nothing, either. Looking at the calibration options, the toe brakes work, but the rudder does nothing but indicate full right. Input in the opposite direction has no effect.


So, before anyone goes on to tell me that the problem is that "It's a Saitek!", let me state that I've read many complaints about Saitek (or MadCatz) quality control from multiple sources, many times before. Let's set that aside. Has anyone had a similar problem or heard of one? Do you think that it's a software issue or that the hardware is borked?



Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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