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Thinkpad T470s fan behaviour

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i recently got a Thinkpad T470s. I would be more than happy with it if there would not be that issue with the fan. When its idling it is turned off. But when i start browsing and open some tabs (f.e. Youtube, Amazon, etc.) the fan turns on pretty fast with almost the highest speed. It is pretty loud and it howls when im just surfing. Sometimes the fan speed decreases a bit, but opening a new tab it turns high immediatly. So in some cases it really is an up and down - pretty annoying. Doing more/heavier stuff than just browsing always most of the time the fan turns at highest speed und is howling.

Anybody else here having the same behaviour with its T470s?

I updated everything(BIOS, drivers, etc.) and checked energy options but nothing helped. I mean i already read in reviews that the fan turns on pretty fast, but i was not expecting something like this.

Is this normal or did a get a defect model? Could it be that Lenovo installs other/louder fans in models with lower specs?

The notebook has following specs:

-Type 20HG


-512 GB, SSD, PCIe-NVMe


-Windows 10

Thanks & best reards!

Date: Oct 10, 2017   

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