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Which would you recommend to me...

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I am getting a new laptop and would need some advice.

The main thing I am looking for is for it to be light, thin, quick,with good battery life and with a nice design. The screen size should be 13 or 14 inches. I will mostly use it for internet, movies and college work. Not planning to do much gaming. Will carry it around a lot.

I am looking for a high-end premium device, willing to go up to 2000$, looking for something that will last me a long time.

After some research I basically narrowed it down to MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina and HP Elitebook Folio 1040. Both are thin and light, love the design. Price is pretty much the same. Not sure which to pick.

I have been using Windows my whole life and never had any issues with it. I know that OS X is said to be easier to use but I am still afraid that I will be a bit confused as I have never used Macs and I am very comfortable with Windows. I guess I could also install Windows on a Macbook but to me it seems that kind of defeats the purpose of a Macbook.

When it comes to screen size I prefer the 14 inches of HP to 13 inches of Macbook. Plus despite the bigger size HP is a bit thinner and lighter.

Macbook has a better resolution 2560 by 1600 while HP has 1920 by 1080. Not sure how important that is, both seem high enough. I have also heard that Windows has some problems with scaling.

When it comes to CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD size both are comparable.

One of the main reasons I am considering the Macbook is the Touchpad, now force sensitive. I have only heard good things about it, it is supposedly the best one can find. The HP also has a Force sensitive touchpad but with no haptic feedback and some reviews have said it is weird and hard to get used to.

Not sure how the keyboards compare. I know that HP’s is water resistant.

Macbook has a bit better battery life.

Macbooks are also famous for lasting a long time without becoming slower. Plus they keep a lot of resell value.

Any other important factor I might have missed?

So does anyone own any of the two and how is it?



Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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