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Scanner Remove Watermark Issue... Chat -
I have to print a document, sign it and then scan it and then email it.

I print a document at one of those copy places. Then I signed it and need to scan it and email it. I used an iphone app called camscanner and it seems to be good. However when i sent the document to myself, i noticed it says Scanned by Camscanner under it. Its a watermark.

Can someone tell me how do i remove this watermark? I googled it but it says

Long press on the image and an array of options will pop up. From them, select the 'Save to Gallery' option.

After the JPG image is saved to your gallery, take that image and convert it into PDF using Adobe Reader or any other online software.

And Voila! Your pdf is ready and that too without the watermark.

There is no option of save to gallery. Does anyone know how i can get rid of this watermark? Or what other program to use as i have no scanner?

Date: Oct 10, 2017   

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