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Received My MSI 16L-G-1080...

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Hey all,

Finally got my laptop today, I have a couple things I want to ask. Here is a picture of the back of it opened:

I have to install an m.2 ssd into this, and it looks like the cmos extension is right in the middle of where this is supposed to go. Any idea on where I can stick this so that it isn't in the way? I'm thought it was just going to be a little switch and not the whole battery moved out. Was hard to see in the blurry picture.

Another thing that I noticed is, the plate sitting on top of the CPU heatsink is rattling and I'm wondering if there was supposed to be something to keep it flush or not because turning the laptop over I her it tinking and if I touch it it isn't really making contact with the metal underneath it's even so slightly hovering over it. Below is a short video I took and I just want to know if all owners of this laptop have the same noise on that heatsink. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Edit: One other thing I noticed is that it looks almost like there is a tape up the CPU heatsink, but I'm not sure exactly what it is for. I've never had this under any desktop cpu cooler so any ideas on this would also be appreciated.

Edit 2: While waiting for response, I actually had to go through and tighten down a good amount of screws. This was most likely due to just shipment, but always good to make sure things are tight!

Edit: 3 So after looking closer at the M2 slots I didn't realize that they would sit above the taped down battery. So that's no longer an issue. the main thing I'm concerned about is just the CPU tape looking stuff and the loose top metal piece that slightly tinks and squeaks when pressed down.

Date: Oct 11, 2017   

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