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Source for my new setup

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So i am building new setup and with that i need a source for the setup.

Currently what i am planning is to buy 15" Apple Macbook Pro. Stream TIDAL from USB to the DAC. (HDV 820)

What i am hearing ("audiophoolery") is that in general Laptops aren't great equipment for source. And in overall it depends greatly on the laptop what kind of quality you are going to get from it. Knowing that Apple has high quality standards(?) it might be "okay" choice..?

In general, i am not so excited to buy separate network streaming box. Because generally those thing go (high-end ones at least) for 1000€/$. Yes, the MBP goes for 3400€ but i have another usages for it. It doesn't just sit there and stream my music to the DAC (Well not 24/7 lol)

Do you guys have opinion on this?

And this might and actually it is a stupid question. Just because i have seen one guy streaming from Microsoft Surface to the HE-1...


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Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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