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Problem with Emachines L22YCET Monitor

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I have a emachines L22YCET monitor and it will power on and will stay on with no shutdown issues, when I hit the power button, the screen will show a quick pop up stating "No Sync" and then go blank.

The monitor actually fried a cpu on the motherboard in one of my desktop computers when I powered the monitor "on" but, I did not know that had happened at that point in time, so I connected the monitor to another desktop computer thinking that maybe the reason the monitor was not working or displaying anything was because of a graphics issue in the 1st computer tower it was connected to so... I connected the monitor to another desktop computer and it fried the cpu on the motherboard in that computer too..

I replaced both cpu's on the motherboards in each desktop computer and of course was able to connect a different monitor to them and both computers work fine so... for some reason when I connect my emachines monitor to a computer, it will fry the cpu in that computer.

I removed the back cover from the monitor and can see the two circuit boards and from what little info I can find on the web, one circuit board is the power supply board and the other is the video board. (I think)

Neither of those boards seem to have any bulging capacitors nor can I find anything that looks burnt or bad and there is no smell of anything burnt, however, that is only from a non technical inspection as I cannot find any diagram anywhere to direct me on how to check for voltages or electrical values etc..

Has anyone had any experience with this same issue and if so, will you please help me out and give me some insight as to what I should do?

In my thinking, I feel like maybe the video board may be shorted but of course I am not certain of that.

Also, does anyone know of a website that would have replacement parts for this monitor and/or a website with some technical support for this monitor?

I have searched emachines, gateway and dell and because the monitor is not under warranty, they have nothing and I cannot find anything elsewhere on the web either. Thank you.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Don
Date: Feb 26, 2014   

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