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3 dongle full signal but no internet connection

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I have been using a 3 huwaei dongle for around 6 months on my home computer using windows 7. i have always used google chrome and have had no problems up till the past week. My dongle is showing as having signal of usually between 3 and 5 bars, which is a good enough reception to at least connect, but my connection keeps dropping every 2 minutes or so to the point im spending more time rebooting and restarting and trying to troubleshoot problems.. when this happens my web pages show as eithe rpage not found or unable to connect. Im not particularly computer literate so have only tried the obvious things like switching on and off, rebooting my device, uninstalling and reinstalling my dongle, uninstalling chrome and reinstalling.. when my computer loses the connection the signal of my dongle doesnt move and still shows 3/5 bars and says i still have internet access.. the connection drops for anything upto an hour at a time and im really losing patience.. anyone any fool proof, easy to follow advice please? also dont know if this is important in any way but after i lose the connection, when im trying to reload the webpage it will say in the bottom left hand corner 'resolving host' and load for ages and ages before showing the unable to connect webpage. please help thanks  
Date: Oct 26, 2013   

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