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Good 2.0 speakers

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Hi, I have a new custom built pc and a Benq GL2460hm monitor, it has built in speakers but I want to invest in some Better ones. I have a budget of £50-60 and would like a decent 2.0 speaker set up. My desk is too small to have any more. I'm addition, if there is a 2.1 system where I can put my subwoofer under my desk which is within my budget then I don't mind having that either. So is there any recommendations?

Also, with a 2.1 set up I assume you plug your sub woofer to the mains and your speakers connect to the subwoofer, but what about just 2.0 systems?

Also, I'm hesitant to have a gamig headset as I'm worried about it beig uncomfortable after long period of time (I also have a smaller than average head so  ) but If there are any good ones for my budget which will be better than speakers then please recommend
Date: Dec 17, 2013   

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