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portforwarding FRITZ!Box 6360 > Fsv318n

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Hi out there ... my boss bought this nice netgear device to extend our network ... and now i have to solve the problems ... like allways

Ok the 6360 is installed in the office where my bosses are connected to the network.

The 318 is installed in an other room where different devices are connected via LAN.

One of this devices has a vnc service running so my boss has access to this device from the office and also from home.

The problem is, i can't access the vnc service from the office avm6360 or from the internet, but when i am connected to the 318 w-lan it works. I added one rule and service for the vnc thing but i guess i am doing someting wrong with the 6360>318 routing/forwarding.

The 318 wan port is connected to the 6360 lanport1, gets an ipadress from the 6360 and internet access works also from the 318. So i guess i am not totally wrong

And now ... with my logic i would forward the vnc port on the 6360 to the wan-ip of the 318 ... and that's the point i struggle ... what to do now? The wan-ip is for sure not the same as the 318 IP itself ... i am confused a little and need some help now
Date: Jul 2, 2013   

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