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Pk5000z fix

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Here is the answer

I have the fix for it a little tech no how to fix butt i can walk ya through it

1 you got too have telnet on your computer or type in run command (wxp)windows 7 you have too go too control panel click on the word programs then go to Turn on windows features on or off once that pops up you check mark telnet then wait for it to complete then

# 2 then go to your browser type in your routor ip address and log in to your router one there go to advanced setup go down to were it says remote telnet once there you need to enable it then put a user name and password in there make it easy for your self yall have too be able to type it in again in the command window then exit out of your rotor once you click apply

then go and type in were it says search for windows 7 or xp type command once found you MUST right click and run as administrator once command window opens

?#?3type? telnet hit enter

then type o

then once it shows (to) type your rotors ip address like this what ever it is

then once ya hit enter its going to ask for user name type that in there from what you created in the remote telnet

then password

then once there there is a list of stuff

i went buy number so here is what numbers you type in MUST follow these exact first number is 24 then hit enter another screen comes up

then 2 hit enter then type 2 again

at top it says or shows 9600 hit space bar to change it to 115200 then hit enter then x out that's all now rotor wont reboot to clear memory because the console speed was too slow

so in other words you are changing the console port speed

i have not had 1 reboot since then no need to buy new modem if it starts again ill let yall know here or on face book
Date: Jul 24, 2013   

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