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Acer Aspire One AO531h/ZG8 problem - won't boot when cold?

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Hey guys

I haven't posted here in a while (shame on me) but I figured I really need expert advice with this issue I seem to be having

I bought said netbook knowing that it had a boot issue. The guy I bought it from said that it does struggle to boot from cold, requiring a battery pull before it gets past the Acer splash screen.

I thought I could fix it as it might be something small -- memory, hard drive, loose connection, etc. Not as easy as I first believed though...I have swapped out the memory with a new module, tried a brand new hard drive and cleaned the whole thing out with no change.

My thinking is that there might be a dry solder joint somewhere in the laptop. This would explain why it works when it has been running for a while (5 mins or so). Oh, and I also tried reflashing the BIOS to the latest version, then after figuring it did nought all to solve my problem, I went to the oldest BIOS I could find. I then started moving my way up to the latest one again but no one guaranteed my success.

Basically this is what happens:

1)Turn on netbook from cold - Acer splash screen shows, 3G light and power light turns on. The hard disk light sometimes flickers for a millisecond.

2)Netbook reboots by itself after 3 or so minutes, then the power lights and the 3G light comes on again with a few more flickers of the hard disk light. At this point it will also turn on the wifi and bluetooth lights - possibly as part of the POST method.

3)Netbook boots into Windows after a while (call it 3 or so minutes). It works fine once booted, only when it is cold does it give me hassles.

Now I can probably prop it into the oven and reflow the solder, but I have never done it with a whole motherboard, only a GPU once, an old 8800GTX that would not work so well. Any suggestions other than baking it? Acer warranty is out of the question as it is older than a year, and getting a new motherboard also not, as over here that would cost more than a new netbook.

Any advice would be really appreciated
Date: Apr 29, 2013   

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