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Zowie G-CM Red

It's been a while since I reviewed a mousepad, and after 1 year of using the hayate I felt it was time to try a new one.

The Zowie G-CM caught my attention because I was looking for something high quality, with a bit more friction than the Hayate but not as expensive as the artisan mousepads.

This is what zowie themself have to say about the mousepad

"The CM-series offers a consistent glide with medium to high friction through its smooth and even texture, and was developed as an alternative to the very popular low friction mousepads, P-TF and G-TF speed. The CM-series features ZOWIE’s unique rubber base that ensures a firm grip on any surface with its unique suction. Should the rubber base lose any grip, it can be easily refreshed by wiping it with a wet cloth – and it is as good as new!

The CM-series are currently available in a colorful variety, so some of you may be afraid that the performance of the mousepads will be lesser than our usual black surfaces, but do not be afraid. We are using a special ink to ensure that there are no problems with performance, and we have put the surfaces through extensive testing to ensure that they are compatible with all types of mice."

For comparison I am using the Artisan Hayate and the Steelseries QCK fnatic edition


The ZOWIE CM-series comes in 3 different sized

G-CM: 440 x 320 x 2 mm / 17.3 x 12.6 x 0.08 inch

P-CM: 320 x 250 x 2 mm / 12.6 x 9.8 x 0.08 inch

N-CM: 230 x 190 x 1 mm / 9 x 7.5 x 0.04 inch

The one I got is the G-CM which is great for low sensitivity

Speed + Control:

Zowie writes "The ZOWIE G-CM offers its users with a consistent glide with medium to high friction through its smooth and even texture"

But the truth is the frictions more medium than high for a clothpad, since the surface is so smooth. The speed is definately faster than the qck, and slightly faster than the razer goliathus speed and puretrak talent. Mentioning high friction would only make sense if they compare it to the zowie g-tf speed or hardpads, but for a clothpad it's quite fast.

The glide is consistent no matter how fast you move it, but with a new pair of mousespeed it might feel like its dragging a little if you move the mouse very slow.

In terms of control and stopping is on par with the qck. Even if you move the mouse very fast it's easy to stop it and aim it on a spot

Build quality:

It's hard to tell how long it will last but I really think this will last for long. The printing itself is the best I have ever seen on a clothpad and it have no effect on the tracking which I will talk more about later in this review.

Materials used and comfort:

The Zowie CM mousepad line is made of 2 layers

picture of the surface

The top layer is a fine woven fabric that feels very smooth and even more comfortable to the touch than the qck or the hayate. It simple feels silky smooth. It's compareable to the feel of the puretrak talent

Middle layer comparison between the qck, artisan hayate and the zowie g-cm

The middle layer is comparable to the artisan mousepads "medium" hardness. Being a bit harder than normal clothpads it will make it a slightly faster than if it was using a soft layer. What you gain in speed, you lose a bit in comfort but it is still very comfortable because of the top layer being very comfortable and smooth

The Zowie G-CM rubber bottom

The bottom was my biggest worry about this mousepad. I've previously owned a zowie p-tf and it was sliding around the table all the time because it had a poor grip.

The zowie g-cm is unlike any mousepad I have ever seen. As you can see it is very reflective, shiny and good at collection dust, but what it's best at, is gripping the surface of whatever you place it on. I have tested it with smooth wood tables, more textured wood tables and glass tables and it stayed in the same spot all the time.

If it starts losing grip, you can wash the bottom with water and it's as good as new again.

Effect on lift off distance and sensor performance:

Lift off distance is a bit lower on the zowie G-CM than most cloth mousepads. Using the zowie am-fg also that had some problems with the color differences in the qck, I was a bit worried that the lift off distance would be too low for it to track proberly

lift off distance with the zowie am-fg = less than 1cd

lift off distance with the steelseries sensei raw = less than 2cds

lift off distance with the cm storm spawn = between 1 and 2 cds

Tracking wise it's as good as the hayate and hardpads for all kinds of sensors but mostly I have tried with mice using the avago 3050, avago 3090, avago 9500 and most importantly the zowie am-fg that had problems with the qck fnatic edition colors. The mouse would get inaccurate when I moved it over the different colors, but on the zowie g-cm there's no problems. The tracking just stays consistent

Jitter is the same amount that you will get in the hayate or hardpads. This is a jitter test with the zowie am-fg on 1150dpi

+More pictures!

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Date: May 19, 2017   

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