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Acer xr341ck vs xb270hu

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Both of these monitors are available pretty cheap refurbished from the Acer recertified store at $600 for the XR341CK and $500 for the XB270HU. I'm torn between these two monitors for the price range, since I've been interested in trying out both ultrawide and g-sync. Unfortunately, the gsync Acer x34 is out of my price range at $1300. I have a GTX 980 Ti, so I know I won't benefit from the free-sync XR341CK, but I think that the 21:9 aspect ratio at 75hz will still be great for gaming. Is gsync + 144hz enough of a reason to get the XB270HU?

tldr; 34" Ultrawide + 75hz vs 27" Gsync + 144hz. '); }
Date: Dec 16, 2015   

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