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Lost sharpness/contast/picture quality after bad reboot

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Hey all

Recently i was gaming normally and i needed to reboot because of frame drops so instead of shutting down windows normally i turned it off by the case reset button

After that i saw a flash inside my case and a slight smell, but everything was still fine except for one thing

The picture quality on both my monitors went to total **** and i dont know why, the sharpness and contrast i had before was lost and everything looks worse now

The quality is still acceptable and i use them but i cant understand what happened and if its fixable or not

I took a couple pictures on my phone, the pic is of an icon on my tray illustrates what happened, the left image is how its supposed to look when the monitor renders correctly and on the right is how it currently looks, which is all blurred and stretched sideways as if the pixels dont display on a 1:1 ratio or something

Anyone have any ideas? '); }
Date: Oct 11, 2017   

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