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Ensuring a flicker free gaming experience

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Hi, wondering if anyone can help. I'm looking for a flicker free and temporal dither free gaming experience. Firstly I understand flicker can be caused by PWM. So removing that is a easy one. Where it gets complicated is that is it true that at 60 HZ refresh rate there is flicker regardless? Here are a couple of sites that talk about this not sure if I understand it correctly. Do we need 800hz displays?! Secondly temporal dithering from what I understand can introduce flickering. So if a true 8 bit panel is used that would mean no temporal dithering? But aside from the panel being used I hear that the graphics cards can enable dithering by default. Not only ATI chips and Intel integrated chips but that even nvidia geforce chips from 900 series and onwards enable dithering. I hear specifically the Playstation 4 and Xbox have dithering on by default. The Nintendo switch is a question mark since it uses older nvidia Tegra and maxwell based chip. My questions then are, is there anyway to ensure temporal dithering is off and avoid any flicker? Is there any type of display be it oled to lcd to plasma or projector combined with a source be it a gaming console or PC setup that would ensure a flicker free experience. Speaking of oled and plasma since they are self emitting displays that don't use back lights would that negate any flicker or dithering problems? '); }
Date: Oct 8, 2017   

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