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Do I need a headphone amplifier

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I just got rid of my sennheiser RS170 wireless headphones as they were not as comfortable as i would have liked. I want to get something similar to my old 598's, something with XXL cans and some omph. I have my eye on the Sennheiser G4me Zero -

I know gaming headsets are a ripoff but i fell in love with the design and it'd be nice to have a mic. I plan on getting a headphone amplifier as they are 150 Ohm impedance headphones, so i have a couple of questions:

- Should my Xonar DX + a JDS Labs O2 headphone amplifier power these sufficiently?

- Is it worth getting a DAC and configuring the optical out / S/PDIF of my soundcard ?

- Would i be better off selling my Xonar DX and buying a sound card that has a built-in amp?

Just wondering what you guys think..

Headphone amp i'm thinking of is this one -

Thanks for your help '); }
Date: Aug 27, 2014   

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