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SMA8 first custom loop plan + requesting fact/knowledge checks

Water Cooling -
Hello all,

Hopefully this post isn't too general in nature. My questions are at the very bottom. I'm planning a custom loop for the first time and just want a sanity check on some decisions I've come to. There's a lot of great information here on OCN but I'm running around in circles on a few things, and I've listed out my components, impressions, priorities, and questions. Here's some context on what I'll be water-cooling in a Caselabs SMA8 case:

- AMD Threadripper 1950X

- ASUS Zenith Extreme x399 Motherboard

- ASUS Strix 1080 Ti (x2 in SLI)

Again, I'll be putting these components into a Caselabs SMA8 case, and I do plan on overclocking with a 480mm rad up and a 560mm down bottom, neither in push/pull. Here are some of the components I've chosen to accomplish that:

- Mayhems Pastel Blue Coolant

- Mayhems Ultra Clear Tubing 3/8" x 5/8" (10/16mm) Tubing

- EK-ACF Fitting 10/16mm - Black

- EK-CoolStream CE 560 (Quad) [45mm thick]

- EK-CoolStream SE 480 (Slim Quad) [~25mm thick]

- EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM - (incl. pump) x2

- EK-RES X3 250

- EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Strix - Nickel

I have the loop layout planned as follows, with both the pumps and graphics cards in serial configurations.

res > pumps (serial config) > 560 rad > gpu 1+2 (serial config) > CPU > 480 rad > res.

Now, from my reading on OCN, I'm under the following impressions:

- Loop order doesn't matter. If it does, the variance in temps are too minuscule to matter, or the amount of radiator I'm putting in makes up for it.

- Dual pumps in serial configuration are more reliable (in the event that one pump fails)

- Dual pumps are desirable to overcome loop restriction, while not necessarily providing higher flow rate

- The 560 + 480, given the components I'm cooling, is enough to opt for slimmer rad versions, which won't impact temps by more than a few degrees.

- Get fans with high static pressure for thicker rads, and push/pull for thick rads. When using thin rads, 45mm and below, performance gains from push/pull or faster fans isn't as drastic and low RPM fans are a reasonable choice.

- It doesn't really matter what brand of components you choose, so long as A, they are well-established and reputable and/or B, you purchase from the same vendor for the best chance of reliability/no leakage.

My priorities:

- I want low temps, but at the same time, I don't want to be installing 80mm thick rads everywhere I can, because some on OCN say that there's a point of severe diminishing return depending on the components you plan on cooling.

So my questions and concerns are...

1. Given my components and loop layout, if I opted for an additional radiator or thicker radiators at this point, do you think I would gain a significant drop in temperatures? I know this is subjective.

2. The rads apparently have brass tubes. I only see EK making nickel blocks for the GPUs. Is mixing these metals in a loop a bad idea? Does the pre-mixed coolant from Mayhems help at all?

3. EK makes pump brackets that attach to 120 or 140 fan mounts. I considered using a 240 rad mount on the opposite side of the bottom compartment to mount my pumps to (where fans would go). I also considered drilling 8 holes in the very bottom plate instead. What would you do? Am I dumb?

4. Are my impressions correct? Is my loop retarded? Am I at least headed in the right direction? My cup is empty. '); }
Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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