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Any specialized one-piece drain port fitting?

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Hi All,

I am planning for my first ever build. A drain port is considered at the bottom of the loop.

However, in order to add a clean drain port, I need to get 6 (SIX!) pieces of different fitting hardware:

1x T-spliter

2x Compression Fitting to have the regular flow through the T-spliter

1x Ball valve

1x Male-Male fitting connecting T-spliter and the ball valve

1x Compression fitting with a section of tubing to connect the Ball valve and do the draining when needed (don't need to connect during normal operation.

If you want a even cleaner look, you may even want to add a stop fitting on the ball valve... that will make it 7!

Is there any fitting maker have ONE piece of fitting to cover them all ? Now I wish I am in the business to make those little hardware

Cheers! '); }
Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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