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Hi all quick question regarding flushing radiators, 1 or 5 micron filter?

Water Cooling -

Flushing radiators with a submersible pump and a filter.


I have a similar setup and used it to flush my radiators for about 8 hours.

I used a 5 micron sediment filter inside the filter case.

But as i have seen people also use 1 micron sediment filter.

Obviously 1 micron filters better yet what about the added "huge" restriction on the pump?

So the question is was it not better to use a 1 micron filter or is the 5 micron filter good enough? From what i gathered in the past they do told to use a 5 micron in tutorials i might be wrong....

Feedback is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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Date: Sep 29, 2017   

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