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Should I upgrade my little G3258 to 4690k or wait for new platform ?

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In my living room, I am running a G3258 on a Z97 motherboard with OC at 4.2ghz. I haven't try pushing farther, as I was satisfied for that back then.

I think, I will try to squeeze more as people are reaching 4.5 or more. But I am also running on air cooler, so limited on this or purchase a CLS.

I have the possibility of upgrading to a 4690k for 130US.

The PC is mostly used for movies and internet but also play games like rocket league or simulation like cities skyline etc and would like to probably play more demanding games like Civilisation, Players Unknow Battleground or TheDivision

I also play dolphin with friends and that's why I had selected the g3258 back then.

I am considering purchasing a used cpu with 4cores like a 4670k or 4690k or may be not even k like a 4460.

Or if I would switch to a new platform. Like a ryzen r3 or may be r5 or even wait for next February for the new amd cpu. The new 8xxx is interesting too, but hate intel to always require a new platform, even that's it's same socket with different setup. Amd will be good until 2020.

The biggest cost with new platforms is the ram for ddr4 mostly.

What you guys think.

I am wondering if I should do the switch or just completely change the platform. May be go with a Ryzen or wait for Pinnacle in february 18.

But this will require a little more money, mostly with requiring DDR4 that is as expensive as motherboard and cpu combined.

The Z97, either on g3258 or 4690k would then probably replace my home file server. The server is running on a old core2duo but that's enough for my needs as I don't even transcode on it.

What would you guys suggest ? '); }
Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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