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Gaming at 4K with GTX 1080 and 3570k @ 4.3ghz; cpu upgrade?!?

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When I was gaming at 1080p resolution, I used to be bottlenecked by my in some games that benefit from multithreading. I've been thinking about upgrading my cpu ever since. Lately I bought myself a 4k OLED. I find it impossible not to use 4k resolution anymore since the upgrade is gigantic. I'm now accepting 30fps in some games and even reducing graphic settings (i'm a setting whore). Since my gpu is now the bottleneck in most games (the division, tomb raider) and wondering if I should really upgrade my cpu now or wait for let's says black friday at least or 8700k/ryzen7/price war whatever....??


-3570k @ 4.3

-I'm already using DDR3-2200mhz

-Don't really care about m2 SSD for now since i'm not willing to fork 500$ for the 960 EVO SSD.

-I only care about 4K Gaming, NOTHING ELSE!!!

Question is...

Will a new cpu (either 7700k,ryzen 1700 or ryzen 1600) + DDR4-3200mhz improve my framerate/experience/smoothness with my current GTX 1080 @ 4k in most games or I should simply wait for black friday/price war and ... since the difference won't be big?? '); }
Date: Apr 6, 2017   

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