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New to overclocking / 4790k / what am i doing wrong?

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Hello everybody, this is my first post here I would appreciate your kind help and knowledge about overclocking my 4790k.

I have this system for 3 years now:


Asus z97 pro gamer mobo

16GB 1866 ram

Noctua D15

Up until now I just ran the cpu in stock speed, the stock boost of 4.4 on all cores was enough for me (and still is actually). I mainly do gaming, analyzing my chess games with Houdini chess engine, and the usual surfing the web etc'.

Recently I decided to experiment a little in OC. all I want is mild OC to 4.6 (maybe 4.7 if I can get it in decent temps) just to squeeze the cpu a little more (I now care less about life span since I will probably upgrade my platform in the recent future so I am allowing myself to enjoy my system).

The only settings I changed in the bios are: clock ratio (all cores) and core voltage (manual mode) I also disabled speedstep and c-states (at least for the testing period). windows is set to high performance mode.

So I was able to achieve 4.6Ghz at 1.25 volts (achieved boot in 1.2 but couldn't pass cinebench).

now let's talk stability: with the aferomentioned OC (4.6 / 1.25) I can pass asus realbench benchmark as well as 1 hour of stress test with max temp of 70-71 c, I also pass cinebench (dah..) and intel XTU both the memory and cpu stress test for 1 hour.

In gaming, chess analyzing and everyday work all seem stable.

But I can't do 10 minutes of OCCT(large data set) without getting BSOD. I tried to up the voltage up to 1.3 but still crash.

I have a weird feeling that the voltage is not the problem here. could it be something else beside the core voltage that I need to tweek to get that extra stability?

I don't want to touch parameters that I don't understand, so the only thing I know is upping the voltage..but it seems to not do the trick.

Any help would be appreciated. '); }
Date: Oct 12, 2017   

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