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i7 4770k OC to 4.3Ghz (prime above Ver 26.6 give fake temps?) ,is my OC stable?

Intel CPUs -
Hello everyone!

I finally take the decision to overclock my 4770k, although some questions come across as usual. Let's start with my Specs

Cpu: i7 4770k

Cpu fan: Noctua NH-U14S

Mobo: Gigabyte z87xud4h

Ram: 16gb corsair vengeance 1600 (4gb*4)

Gpu: msi 1070 gaming X

Case: Corsair 400R

Psu: Coolermaster 850 silent pro M

Ssd: Samsung 840 pro 128gb

Hdd: Caviar black 640 sata II

Hdd: Caviar black 640 sata II

Hdd:Caviar black 1Tb sata III

Sound: Soundblaster x-fi titanium fatality

Monitor: Dell ultrasharp U2414H

Os: Win 7 ultimate 64bit

This is my first OC with haswell but i manage to OC my 4770k to 4.3Ghz with 1.22v.

What i change:

1)set cpu base clock to manual

2)set cpu clock ratio to 43

3)set cpu v core to 1.22v

4)set XMP to profile 1,(also set dram voltage to 1.5v and timings manually to 8-8-8-24 for both channels just to be sure)

5)disable turbo boost,C1E,C3,C6/C7,EIST

(I set them again to auto AFTER the OC except of turbo boost)

6)disable Intel Processor Graphics

Everything else was auto.

I was using Prime95 ver 28.5 with small FFT's and the temps was too high, above 90c in the first minute.

Then i saw this: {Please Read}


I download Prime95 ver 26.6 , set it again to small FFT's and after 45 minutes with 0 errors and 0 warnings max temp was 69C !

I also run intel burn test V2.54 with stress level at standard, times to run 10, with max temp of 79C.

Ambient temp for both tests was 15C.

Also downloaded AIDA64 Extreme trial version 5.80 and run it for almost 32 minutes.

Results :

The questions are:

A) Do i believe the Prime95 ver 26.6 temps?

B) If Prime95 ver 26.6 temps are true are this temps ok?

C) If A and B are yes means my OC is stable?

Thank you in advance for your time dear experts, I respect your opinions and your knowledge!!! '); }
Date: Feb 17, 2017   

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