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Newbie needs help stabilizing OC

Intel - General -

I'm VERY new to overclocking and thought I'd reach out to see if anyone can help me stabilize the overclock on my used parts PC build. I figured it would be a good idea to learn on parts that I wouldn't cry too much about if I blew them up!

system spec:

Intel X3460 2.8Ghz

Asus P7P55D-E

Thermalright Ultra 120 air cooler (4 pipe, single 120 fan)

16GB PNY XLR8 2x8GB 1600 DDR3


Samsung OEM SSD

PSU - FSP FX700-GLN 700W

I have the system to 4Ghz which is my target, but it is unstable somehow. . .

idle temp 36 degrees

prime95 temp 82 degrees

gaming temp 65 degrees

It does not crash when I'm running stress test or benchmarks, but seemingly randomly/arbitrarily goes blue screen and reboots.

I'm flying by the seat of my pants with the settings because I don't fully understand a lot of the tweak parameters, but here is where I am at after scrapping around for a while (I'm writing in all of them in hopes that I got something obvious wrong):

Ai Overclock Tuner - XMP (one of the only settings that would bring up the CPU ratio option)

Extreme Memory Profile - Profile #1 (1777mhz-10-10-11-27-3N-1.50V-1.10V)

CPU ratio - 20

Speedstep - DISABLED

Xtreme Phase Power - ENABLED

BCLK Frequency - 200

DRAM frequency - DDR3-1600

QPI Frequency - AUTO

ASUS/3rd Party UI Priority - ASUS UTILITY


DRAM - 9-9-9-27 (per manufacturer spec)

Timing Mode - 2N

CPU Voltage Mode - MANUAL

Fixed Voltage - 1.3625

IMC Voltage - 1.35

DRAM Voltage - 1.650 (per manufacturer spec)

CPU PLL - 1.9625

PCH Voltage - AUTO

DRAM Data Ref Volt Channel A - AUTO

DRAM Data Ref Volt Channel B - AUTO

Load Line Calibration - ENABLED

CPU Spread Spectrum - AUTO

PCIE Spread Spectrum - AUTO

The system is running above what I was expecting for gaming and general use, but I'd love to stabilize it if I can. The idle and load temps are higher than I like, but under normal use (gaming), I'm ok with where it's sitting.

Any help or suggestions for things to try would be greatly appreciated! '); }
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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